Zeneca specialise in Information Technology, Hardware Distribution, System Integration/Migration, Software Licensing, Retail, Data Analysis & Digital Marketing Consultancy solutions


Zeneca adds strategic value to Small Medium Enterprises and Large Corporate institutions, we provide an extensive range of services to our Clients. If you require a trusted Managed Service Provider with a track record then look no further than Zeneca. Zeneca has the ability and experience to become your unique service solutions partner and can add strategic value to your operations.


Whether you require a Corporate front end or reverse logistics Retail Management service or another bespoke solution to support your organisation we can deliver and meet your expectations. Furthermore, we have an extensive partnership network who alongside our own services have the added infrastructure and resources to help achieve your objectives and make a valuable and lasting difference to your organisation. We remain focused on meeting our Client's objectives, whilst working flexibility to deliver a cost-effective commercial solution.


We work closely with some of the world’s leading Manufacturers, Vendors and Brands. We deliver 'authentic' solutions to clients in the public, private and education sectors. For IT Business to Business trade enquiries or to find our more on how we can add value to your organisation please contact us today.


Zeneca’s enterprise's solutions deliver results and give tangible answers to problems. If you have a requirement for ICT Equipment Asset Recovery, Refurbishment, Software or new ICT Infrastructure Equipment. Even if you would like to gain a better understanding of your activities and business markets. We can conduct detailed Business Data Analysis to provide evidence to support senior management decision making to assist with organisational and strategic growth.


Clients often require a solution to their organisations ICT Recycling Initiatives supported by Secure Data Removal and Information Security. We understand that it’s sometimes important to take a step back from the front seat to help understand your business to identify areas for improvement or identify how to increase sales and market exposure via Digital Marketing campaigns.


We can help develop ideas and bring opportunities to market, believe and place trust in us. Assuming if you have read this far you know that you have come to the right place. Furthermore, we’re also keen to work with organisations from different sectors. Our management team has wide and vast experience of working closely with national manufacturers, retailers, charities, social enterprises, schools, colleges, academia institutions and local government officials to support commercial partnerships and positive relationships with stakeholders across national communities.


Contact us today and we would be delighted offer a free no obligation consultation. If you’re impressed, we’d be happy to work with you to develop your ideas as an established Managed Service Provider.

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